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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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mission accomplished. happy birthday, you can see the entire video and of courts share it with your friends on our website, the list have a good weekend. we'll see you all again on a guy getting rowdy takes it out on the elevator. >> you will never believe how this ends. >> see the moment the elevator gets even. >> what the heck? >> the jet ski buddies are doing a little trick riding. now, it is this guy's concern. by scooting between two boats doesn't go as planned. >> a reporter is doing an interview with the microphone in one hand. >> and a mushroom in the other hand. zt trouble when he forgets which is which.
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>> the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> a beachgoer nearly hit by a volt. why she is finest but her boyfriend, not so much. mother nature has him speaking in tongues. >> we all know this is not going to end well. the guy in the white jacket has had quite a bit of wine according to local media reports. you can see he is tussling with somebody or shall i say some bodies. you will never believe how this ends. he is going up to that elevator bank. he kicked the door in. >> why? is he trying to get in? >> his store are you y is not over. take a look at what happens next. >> what the heck? >> let's watch that one more time. >> how far did he fall? >> is he on the 2nd floor or the 20th floor?
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to the first. he kicked the door. he should have walked away. oops, maybe i should chill out. open the door, boom. >> that will sober him up. >> going down. >> the people on the fourth floor fell to the first. >> that's a pretty good fall. >> was he hurt? >> yeah, he was hurt. fractured his leg. this is what he looked like after. >> he is lucky it was just that. >> on jet skis with your friends, always a good thing to do. >> the boats in this situation are creating a double wake. two boats, a side by side and their wakes off the back are making a nice double wake for the jet skis to have a good time on. you watch, you will notice the guy with the helmet cameras caught a few of his buddies going up to the front of the boat and going straight between those two boats to jump there way through. >> so cool.
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>> now, it is this guy's turn. gets way out ahead of the boat, turns around, heads right back to shoot between them. >> here is exactly what happened. the guy in the boat on the right of the video had noticed that one of the other jut ski thaers just passed through the wake had fallin off. hit attention was on the guy who had fallen off. he was headed straight for him. watch it again. >> oh, new york's where is his jet ski? >> thankfully, that guy wasn't hurt. looks like there may have been a little bit of damage to the jet ski and the boat. >> you can get another jet ski. you can't get another you glchlt
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as the reporter p so many things can happen. you get so into the story, you forget what your hands are doing. so he is holding a microphone in one hand and a mushroom in the other hand. >> i would just love to know, what the heck is he doing with a giant mushroom anyway. >> this happened in 2014 but it is just now trending. >> i am so glad it is. >> watch what happens as he turns back to the camera to continue his report. >> i think maybe he might have had some shroom before he started reporting. y'all back up. sometimes your hands start doing their own thing. they are both the same shape and size. so he was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, ho, ho, ho. >> he went as far as putting the
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talking into the mushroom. >> he is like, what the heck? are you really talking into that mushroom. >> how do we know it wasn't just this guy's sense of humor? was he trying to be funny, goofy? >> we know because of his reaction once he figures it out. >> the interviewer points to the microphone and the guy realizes the complete switch-a-roo and starts cracking up. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you are going to need the buzz word, be 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the rtm ipad minigiveaway. >> i hate to say it. these videos prove that a little
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this first video takes place in milwaukee at bank mutual. you see a guy walk in. he looks like a normal customer. he stays back. he waits his turn and then he approaches the teller. >> it just looks like a normal conversation. not even the other bank tellers turn around. what we don't see or hear is that he has his hand in his pocket and he is letting the teller know that he wants the money and he wants it now. >> there may or may not be a weapon in this guy's pocket. >> i am going to guess know but you can't take that risk. >> exactly. you see the teller lean down, open the drawer, take the money out and hand it off to the guy and he leaves. >> what? >> he was patient, walked in like a normal human, walked out with some money in his pocket. >> it happened in broad daylight just like this other well-failed attempt. soon, you will see a man enter into the frame, leaps over to the fence, heads over to the boat, started tugging at the paddle board.
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to pull it apart and snatches at it, hits the ground. >> once he hits the ground, he goes, you know what, i think i'll leave this here. >> he realized paddle boarding was not his thing. he can't even carry the darn thing when it comes to sending ladies drinks at the bar, these bartenders are here to -- here is their advice to get it done right. >> oh, sorry. >> and, emergency responders head out to help. lights and sirens flairing. >> anywhere in the world, this is the universal sign of move out of the way. >> see what happens when some people don't get the memo to move. oh! >> when you order now, you get a free pizza after super bowl 50. >> and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50.
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when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. hanging out at a bar and a guy sends you a drink. we ladies find ourselves in this situation quite often. it seems like bar tenders are pretty slick on how it should work. >> how difficult can it be to send her a drink? >> if someone wants to buy someone a drink, i assess whether or not they are going to
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>> i ask the woman across the bar if she would like a drink. >> if i sense the woman doesn't want to talk to this guy, i'll forget, be too busy, make myself unavailable. >> you are the bartender. you take orders. >> i don't like to operate like a dating service. i put the ball in her court. i don't want to create an uncomfortable situation for another guest to make another guest feel uncomfortable. >> i didn't realize there was this much thought into it. >> i do appreciate that instead of bringing it up and make you have to decide whether you want to take a drink or not. >> that never works. >> the last girl i bought this for didn't want it so here. >> people offer to buy somebody something to drink when they already have a drink in their hand. >> the first thing i look at, does the woman already have p a drink. >> ordering an extra drink could push someone way beyond what their comfort level is. >> go up to somebody and say, hi, how you doing? my name is.
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>> i think he should man up and go over there and offer to buy her a drink in person. >> if you want to talk to a woman, go and talk to her. come say hello first and see if she is remotely interested. >> you are in a better position to get a number or a conversation out of that. >> there are some story that is are still crazy. if they weren't caught on video, you would never believe they happened. this first incident was captured on p cctv. this guy walking down the street. it looks like it is dark out. there is a car pulling up in front of him. >> whoa, whoa. >> the vehicle strikes that pedestrian. the vehicle makes a quick right-hand turn and completely takes off, leaving that man disoriented. as you see him sitting back up, you see the vehicle come back on the same street, drive right past the victim but keep going. >> oh, man.
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this not a hit and run and they didn't. >> were they targeted him? >> police believe this was just an accident but they released the video because they want to get to this driver. so far, the video has gotten thousands of views online but no one has been identified in connection to this accident yet. the man fortunately will make it out of this okay. people also not paying attention in this next video. you see these emergency responders, look like firefighters. they get into the truck. you can see the lights going and you can hear the sirens. whoa. i think anywhere in the world, this is the universal sign of move out of the way. >> legally, you are supposed to move out of the way. >> yeah, but people are stupid. >> well, there is that. they go to make that right-hand turn and you see a woman on a bicycle try to beat the truck. >> no, you don't beat the truck. stupid.
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truck but you can see the guys are not happy with this person at all z there is yet another group of cycle. is and also this vehicle that is kind of in their way but they tell it to move out of the way and they are able to pull into the street they are try tog get to. hopefully, they go the there in time to render the aid needed of them. >> when i first saw this video, i thought i was looking through somebody's shower door, that crinkly glass but not at all. this is in ottawa, canada. you are inside a car. you roll down the window but that is a solid sheet of freezing rain stuck on the outside of the car. what do you do? >> but some just fell inside the car. it is still pretty freaking cool. >> cool and it is a lot easier than sitting there and trying to scrape all that off from the outside.
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head on over to grand island, nebraska, where it is not warm and nice at all. this is a blizzard. over 24 hours, a bit of a time lapse here to show how the cold stuff just all piled right up. >> i'm sorry. i like this. >> i love it. i want to do that like once and then leave. >> that's not how it works. >> look that the, though. grand island sound. it sounds tropical but not at this time of year in nebraska. quite cold. quite snowy. those crazy guys why dude perfect are back. >> i love what they've got going on. >> those are like saucers of death. >> still to come, a comic uses a childhood game to give his show a romantic twist. >> he invites a special lady on to the stage. >> see why the fortune teller is
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>> aww. >> plus, we've got another ipad minito give away. don't miss friday's buzz word
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part of the firefighters job is keeping things in tip-top shape. if you live in w auchlt kee, iowa, you may have this. this fire truck rolls into this station over this sprinkle of water and cleaning solution. he continues to go. stage two is the high pressure
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>> it is a car wash for the fire truck instead of them having to wash it themselves. >> basically, it is a wash for the undercarriage of the truck. in iowa, they use lots of salt and sand on the roads. that can be very corrosive and very expensive equipment and prior to this little invention that the firefighters here in the waukee fire department came up with themselves, they would have to get underneath the truck with the power washer and do it by hand. it would take hours. then, she can run the whole department through in about 30 minutes. >> that is great. they are using their own firefighter hoses for the pressure. it is brilliant. >> they need to give this idea to other fire departments, charge them a small little fee and that will take care of their pension. >> you are right. they posted this video. a lot of different departments and people were like, oh, where did you get that? we want one. the guys put this second video together and showed what they did and how they built it and what they used. >> how much you want to bet
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to be stopping by, hey, can we get in there and doing it? >> they should be stopping by and giving them high-fives and saying, thanks. firefighter equipment is taxpayer dollars and the longer it stays in service, the less money you have to spend on it. these guys really thinking here. >> raccoons do have manners. >> thank you, melanie. good girl. here you go, sweetheart. good girl. >> do you guys remember this? the old paper, finger game. nick, pick a number. >> i want to. >> look, there is nothing inside.
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this is ken, the comic, lie which is. >> i tried. i thought it would happen but that chain letter i send never happened. it cursed me. >> you pick a number and have to go through it so many times. then, you pick another number. she picks her final number but now she has to snip the little flap to see what's under there. >> oh, the boogeyman. >> finally, it worked. >> he breaks out the ring and drops on a knee and she immediately goes to the makeout session. >> if she had gone with another number like 7, was it a dump.
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has rigged it to his favorite. >> no longer left it to chance. >> good for that guy. that's kind of cute. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you are going to need the buzz word, be at least 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to win an ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it is current. >> get over on and click on the ipad button. enter friday's word, current. >> one day will be bonus giveaway day where we will be giving away a flat screen tv. tune in. good luck. a guy follows his lady toward the water but it is not long before this beach babe has to go.
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cats go nut. >> you are out $3 purchasing that stuff. >> bentley has manners. >> watch the seat, buddy. >> mother nature can be here. in all of her glory, sometimes funny moments come out. >> slow down. wait for me. >> it is pretty rocky here. >> this couple in sydney is heading down to the rocks, down to the water. >> i didn't think it would be as dangerous. >> he tells her, slow down, baby, slow down. >> those rocks can be hard to walk on, rough, hurt your feet. she is skipping over them like it is nothing. >> with the weather, it is pretty slippery z she . >> she carries on. this beach babe has got to go.
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>> mother nature is like, slam, yeah. >> the camera gets a little shaky. when it comes to, you see, she is okay. >> what is that man thinking? >> i distinctly heard, jesus, mary and joseph and a few things they wouldn't want you to say. >> he just threw it all in there together. >> that's what has everybody talking about this video. >> that he was able to string all those different words together. >> mother nature has him speaking in tongues. >> is there any chance this could be fake? something just feels a little odd to me about it. >> well, there are sceptics online like yourself, mick. i think her reaction was real.
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like that. >> that was too genuine. >> thanks for joining us. we'll catch you on the next
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